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Posted on: 2017/9/18 20:41

Re: efwf
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

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Let me tell you something.
There is no nobility in poverty.
I've been a rich man,
and I've been a poor man,
and I choose to rich
every fucking time!
'Coz at least as a rich man,
when I have to face my problems,
I show up in the
back of the limo..
Wearing $ 2000 suite,
and $ 14000 gold fucking watch.
Good boys, get him up! Hit him!
Fuck off from me!
If there anyone here thinks
I am superficial of materialistic..
Go get a job in fucking McDonalds,
'cause that's where you fucking belong!
But before you depart
this room full of winners..
I want you to take a good look
at the person next you, go on.
'Cause sometime in not so distant future..
You know, you pulled out to a red light
and you beat-up old fucking Pinto,
and that person gonna be
pulling up right along side you..
In the brand new Porsche.
With their beautiful wife by their side,
who's got big full up juiced tits.
And who will you be next to?
Some disgusting wilde beast with 3 days of
razor stubble in a sleeveless moo-moo,
crammed in the next you with a
car load of groceries from the fucking price club!
And that's who you're
gonna be sitting next to!
So you listen to me
and you listen well.
Are you behind on you credit card bills?
Good, pick up the phone and start dialing!
Is the landlord ready to evict you?
Good! Pick up the phone, and start dialling!
Is your girlfriend think you're fucking worthless loser?
Good! Pick up the phone and start dialling!
I want you to deal with your problems by becoming rich!
All you have to do today!
Is pick up the phone.
And speak the words that I have taught you.
And I will make you richer than the most powerfull CEO in the United States.
I want you to go out there..
And I want you to ram Steve Madden's stock downto your clients throats..
Till they fucking chokes on it.
Till they choke on it and the
buy a hundred thousands shares,
that's what I want to do!
You need ferocious!
You be relentless!
You'll be telephone fucking terrorist
Now let's start this motherfucker rolling around!

Posted on: 2019/10/24 10:12

Edited by eyex on 2019/10/25 11:01:52


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