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49 listen to your heart

  Yesterday ,someone asked me what is the greatest skill for successful salesperson to possess.

   I answered,“the ability to listen.“   He agreed with me.But the ability to listen isn’t only important in selling .It is also important when buying ,managing ,talking with our mates or friends .In fact ,communication is next to impossible oif we don’t listen .listening is alse important when praying and meditating .Then heart of a servant requires listening .And if discovering our purpose is the process of discovering how we can most impact the world through offering service (the act of servant-hood) then listening must truly be an asset to discovering our purpose as well.

   Many psychiatrist explain the way to communicate better(and succeed in relationships) is by listening better.By not thinking ,just being involved in listening adroitly to another person, we may experience a new way of knowing this person for who they really are .

   Many motivational speakers and psychologists talk about going after “what you desire“ as discovering your purpose .In the Tao there is a thought that “when there is no desire there is peace“(from Tao Te Ching) .Knowing what we desire is insufficient.

   Perhaps ,a way to listen is to remove“desire“ from our mind. Instead of focusing on what we want ,we may be alert...aware...paying attention to the signals our body ,mind ,spirit and heart .Speak to us .When we walk in nature and say nothing ,natuer talks to us .Then wind blows quietly through the limbs on the trees .Grasses rustle and leaves blow across the ground .The clouds move about the sky and cast shadows working with the sun shining behind them.In the same way ,our body speaks to us when we become quiet ,meditative ,and shut down our“conscience-level“mind .In eliminating the chatler noise in our head and focusing on the quiet ,we can eventually reach a state of being where we are aware of our inner needs.

   This takes time .It can be accomplished through meditation .I can’t be accomplished by writing down lists of goals (our desires) nor can it be accomplished by telling other people what we think (speaking in not listening)

   It requires listening .Let’s think of one question to close this chapter.When am I the happiest?When am I most relaxed? When am I most excited? When am I feel most loved?

   The answer to this question ,in listening ,is often the answer to our purpose.

   In listenin to our heart we can awaken a deeper sense of understanding of who we really are .We can also become more emotional and loving to people ,animals ,and nature around us .People who listen are more successful in business ,life and in living their purpose.

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