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22 Kiss of Reality

 Kiss of Reality

  To talk of illusions, are‘t they great? illusion or day dreaming help us to think of what we want to become in life. We literally see how life revolves us in that position . It‘s an entirely different world of pleasure, comfort and imagination. Most of our day dreaming or illusions make us more and more egocentric. The word ego means self . Hence by dreaming and visualization we become self-centered. We never realize that things we dream of can be achieved by us by programming ourselves to work for it . But somehow the pleasure of dreaming ourselves as someone important takes us away from the realistic approach to achieve that level of self-satisfaction and self-accomplishment.


  This leads to an increase in the frustration levels of our mind . Why frustrations? This is because what we are, and what we dream of are totally different . We raise ourselves to a very high pedestal and we see that we are not able to live up to our expectations. And when this happens, we become mentally restless.


  The vital solution that will dissolve all our problems is to make up our minds to get realistic . This approach will make us come in terms with reality. And there is no better road to self-improvement rather than the path of reality. When you gauge yourself , you subconsciously make two columns in your mind. One consists of the things that you are good at ,and the other consists of the ares where you can improve. And believe it will boost us to work on our weak areas and strengthen them. Fortifying your weak areas will harness your conscience and improve you convert would be to must be. And when someting must happen, it always happens. This new you will improve you for the better and increase your levels of self-esteem.It will change your outlook to things.


  I would like to type the thoughts that have just sprung up in my mind. Read and ponder on each line.I admit that it‘s a sad aim at poetry, but I am allowing my mind to control my typing.


  If you want to achieve what you couldn‘t have


  If you want to be what you want to be


  If you want to do what you can do,


  but aren‘t doing


  If there is a place,you want to be


  but haven‘t been


  You will get there, become the one and do it


  Cos its all in a state of mind.


  Make up your mind and rule the stars.


  Control your mind and make your fate.


    I hope this conveys my thoughts with clarity.So it‘s some advice and suggestion to all those eyeballs running through this part of the book, to keep their heads on their shoulders without using heads and shoulders! And believe me guys; you guys have it in you to make it big . Just don‘t let that teenage iconoclastic habit rule over sense.


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