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Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

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eng 48

i: e ea ee ie ei i ey
i a i e y ey ay u ui

ә: er ir ur ear or our
ә ure er ar or ou re a e i o u

ɔ: a aw al or oor ore au ar ou oar
ɔ o a au ou ow

u: o oo ui u oe ou ew
u o oo u oul

a: a ar au ear al
Λ o u oo ou

æ a ai
e e ea a ai ue ie

ei a ai ay ey ea ei eigh
ai i y ie uy ei igh eye

ɔi oi oy
au ou ow

әu o oa ow ou
iә e ear eer ea ier eo

eә air ear ere are eir
uә oor our ure u

p p pp pe
b b bb be

t t tt te
d d ed dd de

k c k ck ch qu ke
g g gg gh gu gue

s s c ss ce sc se
z z s se ze es

∫ s sh ch ci si ti
3 s ge gi si z

t∫ ch tch t
d3 g j ge dge

f f ff ph gh fe
v v ve

θ th
ð th

ts ts tes
dz ds des
tr tr
dr dr

h h wh
r r rr wr rh
l l ll

m m mb mm mn me
n n kn gn nn ne

η n ng
w w wh
j y e

Posted on: 1/13 3:58

Re: 英语中48个音标对应的字母组合
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

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english 48

[i:] 发这个音的字母及组合e ea ee ie ei i ey
e: me she he we evening
ee: sweet bee sheep see three
ea: meat leaf sea teach eat
ie: piece
ei: receive ceiling
i: police
ey: key

[i] 发这个音的字母及组合a i e y ey ay u ui
a: village comrade orange
i: pig fish in fifteen six ship thin
e: begin behind jacket basketball
y: happy heavy busy carry sunny
ey: monkey money
ay: Sunday Saturday Friday
u: busy business
ui: build

[ә:] 发这个音的字母及组合er ir ur ear or our
er: her serve term
ir: bird girl skirt first dirty skirt shirt
ur: nurse Thursday turtle purple curtain
ear: early learn
or: word work world
our: journey

[ә] 发这个音的字母及组合ure er ar or ou re a e i o u
ure: picture
er: teacher brother dinner father sister
ar: sugar dollar
or: doctor actor
re: metre centre
ou: delicious gracious
a: panda about above camera sofa China
e: open hundred
i: candidate
o: control polite today
u: datum curriculum

[ɔ:] 发这个音的字母及组合a aw al or oor ore au ar ou oar
a: water want
aw: draw strawberry
al: ball wall
or: horse corn fork or short
oor: floor door
ore: core tore
au: August daughter
ar: warm
ou: bought ought
oar: board

[ɔ] 发这个音的字母及组合o a au ou ow
o: fox coffee dog shop dog doctor
a: watch what
au: Austrilia
ou: cough
ow: knowledge

[u:] 发这个音的字母及组合o oo ui u oe ou ew
o: do who whose
oo: food moon too
ui: fruit juice
u: ruler rude
oe: canoe
ou: coupon
ew: drew blew

[u] 发这个音的字母及组合o oo u oul
o: woman wolf
oo: look good book foot wood
u: bull bullet
oul: could should

[a:] 发这个音的字母及组合a ar au ear al
a: grass glass class dance fast father
ar: car star arm March garden scarf
au: laugh aunt
ear: heart
al: half palm calm

[Λ] 发这个音的字母及组合o u oo ou
o: son come color love money
u: sun nut jump bus brush supper us
ou: touch cousin country

[æ] 发这个音的字母及组合a ai
a: dad cap cat bad apple bag flag hand
ai: plaid

[e] 发这个音的字母及组合e ea a ai ue ie
e: egg bell desk leg pet ten pen
ea: bread head breakfast
a: many any anything
ai: said
ue: guess guest
ie: friend friendly

[ei] 发这个音的字母及组a ai ay ey ea ei eigh
a: cake make name game snake lazy
ai: rain train wait
ay: day May play today way
ey: they grey
ea: great break
ei: reign veil
eigh: eight weight

[ai] 发这个音的字母及组i y ie uy ei igh eye
i: kite bike nice tiger write knife
y: by cry fly my sky try why
ie: tie pie
uy: buy guy
ei: either
(e)igh: high height
eye: eyebrow

[ɔi] 发这个音的字母及组合oi oy
oi: oil boil coin
oy: boy toy

[au] 发这个音的字母及组合ou ow
ou: house mouse mouth trousers
ow: flower cow how now down

[әu] 发这个音的字母及组合o oa ow ou
o: nose rose open over
oa: boat coat soap goat
ow: show window snow bowl
ou: shoulder though

[iә] 发这个音的字母及组合e ear eer ea ier eo
e: era
ear: ear hear tear
eer: deer beer
ea: really
ier: pierce
eo: peony

[eә] 发这个音的字母及组合air ear ere are eir
air: hair chair pair
ear: pear bear wear
ere: where there
are: dare hare
eir: their

[uә] 发这个音的字母及组合oor our ure u
oor: poor
our: tour
ure: sure pure
u: jury

[p] 发这个音的字母及组合p pp pe
p: piano panda pet ship sheep pig stop
pp: apple happy
pe: cope ripe

[b] 发这个音的字母及组合b bb be
b: book ball bird boy bag banana
bb: rubber rabbit cabbage
be: robe tube

[t] 发这个音的字母和字母组合 t tt te
t: table tea taxi cat rat fat ticket
tt: butter matter
te: bite cute

[d] 发这个音的字母和字母组合d ed dd de
d: duck seed door desk day red head
ed: smiled opened played
dd: addition buddy
de: ride jade

[k] 发这个音的字母及组合c k ck ch qu ke
c: cap cook cup car can class
k: cook milk key desk
ck: clock sock cock neck
ch: school Christmas
que: cheque technique
ke: lake bike

[g] 发这个音的字母及组合g gg gh gu gue
g: glass golf get girl bag goat flag gg: egg
gh: ghost
gu: guilt guide
gue: dialogue colleague

[s] 发这个音的字母及组合s c ss ce sc se
s: star sun snake sea see
c: pencil city cedar ceiling
ss: grass glass class boss
ce: face race rice nice
sc: scene scentist
se: sense dense

[z] 发这个音的字母及组合z s se ze es
z: zero zebra zoo
s: bags photos sisters
se: nose rose
ze: size realize
es: knives wolves

[∫] 发这个音的字母及组合s sh ch ci si ti
s: sugar sure
sh: ship sheep wash cash shop she
ch: machine chef
ci: species special
si: session passion
ti: patient cautious

[3] 发这个音的字母及组合s ge gi si z
s: usually measure pleasure
ge: massage mirage
gi: regime
si: collision decision television
z: seizure

[t∫] 发这个音的字母及组合ch tch t
ch: teacher peach cherry chair
tch: watch match
t: virtual ritual question

[d3] 发这个音的字母及组合g j ge dge
g: ginger giraffe
j: jump job jam
ge: orange cabbage cage
dge: bridge judge

[f] 发这个音的字母及组合f ff ph gh fe
f: five fan flower fish four leaf
ff: giraffe cuff
ph: phone elephant photo
gh: laugh
fe: knife life

[v] 发这个音的字母及组合v ve
v: video vase vest
ve: five love

[θ] 发这个音的字母及组合th
th: three thin third teeth mouth

th: father mother brother weather

[ts] 发这个音的字母及组合ts tes
ts: seats goats coats cats pets eats
tes: gates kites dates tastes

[dz] 发这个音的字母及组合ds des
ds: seeds woods friends birds beds
des: rides

[tr] 发这个音的字母及组合tr
tr: tree truck trousers strawberry trick

[dr] 发这个音的字母及组合dr
dr: draw drink driver dragon dry

[h] 发这个音的字母及组合h wh
h: he her head heart hair ham
wh: who whose

[r] 发这个音的字母及组合r rr wr rh
r: rice room ride road rose
rr: mirror carrot parrot
wr: write wrong wrap
rh: rhyme rhythm

[l] 发这个音的字母和字母组合l ll
l: look light lock lucky lion tail
ll: ball pull doll tell

[m] 发这个音的字母及组合m mb mm mn me
m: mouse milk monkey money mum
mb: climb comb thumb
mm: hammer common yummy
mn: autumn hymn
me: time come

[n] 发这个音的字母及组合n kn gn nn ne
n: nose net nut banana noodles train
kn: knee knife knock
gn: sign design
nn: sunny dinner tennis

[η] 发这个音的字母和字母组合n ng
n: ink bank tank
ng: sing hang song king reading

[w] 发这个音的字母及组合 w wh
w: winter window watch water well
wh: white where which when why wheel

[j] 发这个音的字母及组合y e
y: yogurt yard yes you your
e: few beauty

Posted on: 1/13 3:58


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